** Because This Year is About Living a Clutter-Free Life **

June 22, 2019

Dubai, UAE: June 2019: Having a perfectly neat and tidy wardrobe not only ensures that there’s less of a struggle finding your favourite outfit or accessory in the mornings, but decluttering our cupboards of preloved items is the purest form of self-care – which is something we could all do with a little more of., the leading marketplace for buying and selling luxury items, offers a flawless service that not only allows customers to take care of their wardrobe and well-being by giving them the opportunity to pass on preowned items, but it assists consumers to earn money and offers financial freedom along the way.

The region’s answer to their very own Marie Kondo, the team of experts at The Luxury Closet help clients streamline their closets and keep only the possessions that still fills them with enjoyment. The team provides a concierge service to their sellers helping them declutter their closets, making them feel refreshed and enabling them to renew their collections while allowing their buyers to find limited edition, and hard to find items at prices they never thought possible. On average, the new age start-up declutters around 100 wardrobes each month. Taking care of each step of the selling process, filling their customers with ease. Each product goes through an extensive and comprehensive process to ensure 100% authenticity before any item is sold.

“The Luxury Closet, a perfect place to declutter your closet following the KonMari Method. It does appear evangelical to Bid Adieu to the pieces that no longer spark joy to you but could find a loved space and a new life in a new closet. The Luxury Closet, effortlessly and with absolute professionalism, helped me declutter my closet with the items I just held for years. It has not just got me some extra space in my closet but also some extra money to get the new items on My Wishlist” comments Sarah Malik, VIP customer at The Luxury Closet.

The Luxury Closet launched in 2012 with the purpose of disrupting the way consumers interact with luxury by introducing the concept of resale in UAE.  By rehoming unused luxury products, the company extends their lifecycle, reduces the impact on the environment and promotes self-care.

For further information on how to help declutter your wardrobe and mind, please visit

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