Bodour Al Hilali

December 14, 2017

Bodour Al Hilali

Owner of Belle Femme, Belle Enfance, Saladicious and Hair Creators Academy

Beautiful Mum of 2, Bodour is the extremely successful owner and founder of 4 businesses across Dubai, and the woman who brought first Khloe then Kim Kardashian to Dubai for a makeup Master Class with Mario Dedivanovic.

The interview was held at her super cool Saladicious restaurant in City Walk and when we met she is juggling meetings with her senior staff, tasting new dishes from her chef whilst ordering us delicious coffees and treats.

Juggling many things at once is nothing new to Bodour, and as we sit down in a cozy corner for our chat it soon becomes apparent that this woman is a master of handling many things at once.

In answer to my first question as to why she opened her businesses she replies simply, “I love hair, and I always loved food”.

Her famous salon chain Belle Femme turns 17 in December.  An incredible feat when you consider how challenging the hair salon business is in Dubai.

The salon has 4 branches across Dubai in Jumeirah, JBR, Arabian Ranches and Bay Square. Becoming an expert in the hair industry however Bodour realized that there was a real lack of training facilities in the region, so she also opened up Hair Creators Academy to not just train staff for her own salons but also for any salons across Dubai, using expertise from L’Oreal. But she didn’t stop there. When Level Kids opened and wanted a Kids salon who did they ask?

She said, “Level Kids wanted a professional concept which was appealing to both boys and girls, as a mother of a boy and a girl and of course as a salon owner my concept was designed with my children as the inspiration.”

Bodour then created Belle Enfance, which is a cool salon, which caters for boys in a Marvel, inspired den of superheroes and retro styling, and girls’ beauty parlour, which is an elegant French décor, inspired princess haven.

So, what was different about Saladicious? “My partner and I opened the first Saladicious in Jumeirah 11 years ago and the first theme was to offer soups and salads which although a rising trend in healthy eating was not something any other café was serving at the time. We brought in a chef from Venezuela, as we wanted to have different flavours and something with a Latin vibe. We eventually expanded our menu to add Gourmet flavours and our restaurant now serves fresh, all homemade food all healthy and as much as possible using our own vegetables which we grow ourselves.”

“Another arm of Saladicious is our catering which has been extremely successful via word of mouth, we offer of course the usual canapés but for something super cool we do live barbeques with our own pizza oven and grill.”

When I asked her, what is the secret of her success she said “Delegation, find good people, you can trust and who understand your vision”.

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