Bugaboo unveil their best stroller yet: The Bugaboo Fox

February 27, 2018

The ultimate comfort stroller

1 February 2018,

In 1999, Dutch mobility brand Bugaboo revolutionized the way families get around with their innovative original stroller. Now, almost 20 years later, Bugaboo unveil their ultimate comfort stroller: the Bugaboo Fox. This stroller marks the next step in the evolution of Bugaboo’s strollers as they continue to be at the forefront of smart products for parents and their children. The level of intelligence in its design makes the Bugaboo Fox the ideal stroller for parents who want to maintain their lifestyle once they have kids. Whether it’s traveling, socializing, shopping, or simply being outdoors, the Bugaboo Fox allows parents to keep saying ‘YES!’ to the things they love.

The most comfortable stroll

The Bugaboo Fox offers the most stable ride on all surfaces thanks to the advanced all-wheel suspension, while the new central joint means a smooth, bump-free ride for the child. The child can sleep peacefully thanks to the ergonomic design that also features supportive pillow-top padding for added comfort factor. For the parent, pushing and steering feels effortless: navigating corners, busy streets and tight spaces becomes a breeze. It’s time to say ‘YES!’ to spontaneous coffee dates and weekends away.

Strong and sturdy, yet ultralight & compact

 The Bugaboo Fox is made of strong materials, but is ultralight for easy lifting and carrying. If parents need to bundle their stroller into the car or carry it up the stairs, it’s easier than ever thanks to the one-piece fold and self-standing design. And for cupboard-friendly storage at home there’s the surprisingly small super-compact fold. Can I still keep the city apartment? ‘YES!’

Designed to last

Bugaboo’s philosophy is to design and engineer long-lasting strollers that can be used for more than one child. This has always been part of their design DNA, but the Bugaboo Fox takes this approach to the next level. When designing the Bugaboo Fox, Bugaboo split the structural parts of the stroller from the parts that experience more wear and tear. This approach makes it simple for parents to service or maintain their Bugaboo Fox, by easily refreshing or replacing parts. The integral parts (like the chassis) are made with durability and longevity in mind, while replaceable parts are made from recycled materials or materials that can be recycled after use. Bugaboo have made conscious choices about the materials they use. An example of this is the Bugaboo Fox fabrics, where the core color range is made from 92 recycled PET bottles.

Mix and match

Parents can create a stroller that suits their style with mix and match options. Bugaboo offers a wide choice of colors and fabrics from the Core, Premium and Signature Collection, as well as a choice of grips and wheel caps. When there’s a new season (or a new baby), parents can easily remove and replace their fabrics to refresh their Bugaboo Fox and create a whole new look.

Making parents’ lives easier

The Bugaboo Fox has a host of features designed to make parents’ lives easier. The seat is positioned at an optimal height, perfect for lifting the child in and out of the stroller, while the foot brake can be applied with a simple, shoe-friendly clicking action. There’s a large, easily accessible under seat basket so parents can bring along everything they need, and integrated attachments points so they can simply click on accessories like the Bugaboo Cup Holder.

Get ready to say ‘YES!’ with the Bugaboo Fox.

 The Bugaboo Fox will be available worldwide from April 2018 and it will cost around  AED 6000

-The End-

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