Dubai, A Survival Guide for 2018

January 23, 2018

So its 2018 and you are now having to pay 5% VAT on many goods and services. Many of those goods and services are already expensive, and many families are starting to re appraise their spending habits and to budget more effectively for their family and household costs.

We spoke to Mums to see what their top tips are for surviving in 2018.

Elli – Swedish

My top tip is to order your fruit and vegetables online, after trying out each company I now order weekly from Kibsons I choose the special offers and I see huge savings, plus due to watching my budget I don’t waste any so I ensure my children eat much more healthily!

Lucy – British

My children are involved in various after school activities; I have recently cut down the paid ones and am taking advantage of the free ones available at my sons school.  Its saving me around AED 2000 per term!

Yasmeen – Egyptian

We are organizing much more play dates either in the parks and beaches or at people’s homes rather than at play centres. It’s important to keep the children busy and social, but its not a necessity to spend a lot.

Nourhan –Egyptian

We are eating at home more, I love cooking for the family and especially on a weekend we make an effort to sit and eat as a family rather than going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Neha – Indian

For all the household non-perishables, such as detergents, cleaners, toiletries I found a very cheap shop called Day to Day in Deira.”/day+to+day+deira+location

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