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April 10, 2019

What is Davines, please describe the essence of the brand for our readers?

The brand’s essence is a concept of sustainability that we adopted almost 3 years ago, and since then has become a source of inspiration. We have our own way of looking at beauty, and diversity, which is linked to our Italian roots’ and its obsession with design, the brand’s heritage, the passion to create beautiful things without compromising the life we have around us. For Davines, it’s about ethical beauty. The concept of sustainability has now expanded for us so we can add more meaning to beauty, by ensuring the protection and improvement of the environment, as well as adopting ethical behavior and careful of the impact we have on our community. This is what makes us different to everyone else.

Describe the Davines woman to me:

We are design driven but we also attract a community feel; that is women who want a human relationship with the salon and its brand tend to love Davines and its values that stem from being a family company.

Sustainability is a key brand element, but tell me what exactly the brand is doing to be more sustainable in the past 18 months?

A big step has been a move to the Davines Village, which is not just a building it’s a statement about the values we, as a brand, believe in. The village is 100% emissions-free, and functions on renewable sources and energy we create ourselves it’s a huge step for the brand and the beauty industry too.

How do you approach the Middle East region in terms of product development, since the hair types, trends and consumer needs differ greatly from Europe? Do you bear I mind the different nuances of this region?

We have a very strong assortment of product ranges and we try to develop across-the-world products, but we do recongise that in some regions there are specific requirements. The best sellers in Italy tend to be the same as the UAE, as the common complaints that come from Southern Europe and the hair types found in this region are very similar to those in the Middle East. These issues differ from those in Northern Europe and its indigenous hair types. That said, OI is the best seller worldwide, along with the energizing line of natural hair care for hair loss.

What Niche Trends do you adopt?

We don’t follow trends and we don’t take inspiration from them. Instead we follow our own way. For us, one of our key priorities is to increase the level of awareness of the sustainable beauty, as we know people are more and more conscious of what they buy. This is a real USP of Davines. The demand for transparency is growing almost daily and we are delighted to  be creating  – and at the forefront – this trend in the industry!

Who are your brand ambassadors?

Angelo Seminara, our Artistic Director is a key brand ambassador. At the moment, we are working on having ambassadors in the salons who work with the brand as they are the leaders who will communicate the message of the brand to consumers. We don’t look for big names.

Would you ever open your own “Davines” salon(s) in the region, like Aveda has…?

No, we would not consider this. Diversity is important to us.  We consider ourselves as a tool in the hands of the salon who can use Davines and its products to express their own personality and aesthetics in their own unique way.

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