Bright beginnings…

January 4, 2018

One of the oldest established Nursery concepts is the Beautiful Minds business. They have 4 Nurseries in Dubai to choose from in different locations.

1.Yellow Brick Road Nursery

Yellow Brick Road Nursery is the first of our four Beautiful Minds Nurseries, and on 16th April 2018, we will proudly celebrate our 17th anniversary!  We are a very special early childhood nursery environment for children where the rhythm of daily life is gentle and unhurried, where the deep needs of babies and children to create, initiate and imagine freely are unhindered.

Yes, the Nursery is still alittle bit countryand we are so fortunate to have our large Nursery gardens where the children can freely explore and experience their very own free-range early childhood.

Yellow Brick Road Nursery has a unique and distinctive approach to early learning and preschool education. Our early years teaching methods are dedicated to creating a genuine love for learning within each child. Our children rely on us, the adults in their lives’, not only to protect them from harmful and unhealthy influences but also to provide an environment in which they can develop at their pace.

2.Indigo Valley Nursery

Indigo Valley Nursery was purpose designed and built state of art facility with the focus on safety and best professional practices within the Al Twar 2 area, close to Airport Terminal 2 and Dubai Airport Free Zone and opened in September 2010.   

I am personally grateful to the owner of the property who asked me if I would like to build a children’s nursery on the empty plot. This project-offer provided for me a brilliant opportunity to design and create a children’s nursery complex that is now today proven to be a ‘benchmark’ style early years learning complex brilliantly suitable for caring for babies from 45 days and young children up to 4+ years. Our daily aim is to continue to provide high-quality care and education in a safe and secure environment including caring for children requiring extra learning support.  

Each classroom space is integrally important as the staff and children that spend their many Nursery hours there.  You will for certain be delighted to see our Reggio inspired nature-themed classrooms where each child loves to learn through their very own and unique self-discovery, imagination, and creativity while enjoying their interacting with their Nursery friends within our friendly and safe atmosphere.  We acknowledge that our attention to each classroom detail encourages the children to be inspired.   

Indigo Valley Nursery grounds are large open spaces with beautiful gardens, sand pits, covered swimming pool, child size tennis court and our super exciting ‘climbing, rolling, sliding hill’!  We love using our garden areas as ‘extensions of our classroom,’ and during the cooler months, we have purpose activities including, painting, messy play, teepees, water play, block and construction, role-play, music, dancing, kung fu and ballet – we even constructed a mini zip-line!!
Organic vegetable gardening is a ‘big deal’ to us – we believe every child has the right to learn how to grow food and what better time to start learning than ‘now’!!  The Nursery vegetable gardens are lovingly cared for as a community venture where the children, their families and our staff care for and cultivate their ‘home-grown’ organic produce.

3.Crystal Valley Nursery

Crystal Valley Nursery opened their doors in 2010.  Crystal is located at the back area of Arabian Center, Al Mizher and close to Mirdif, an absolutely beautiful and elegant Nursery conveniently located within a major school catchment area, opportune for parents to drop off and pick up older siblings.

At Crystal Valley Nursery, we are passionate about providing children with the best possible care and education; each day with professional love and dedication we practice our beliefs of valued early years devotion.

What makes the Beautiful minds nurseries unique?

Each of the three Beautiful Minds Nurseries were personally designed by Ms Bernadette, her ability to imagine, create and initiate is remarkable, and the designs of the Nurseries have continued to become benchmark Nursery designs.  She often shares her very own early childhood visions of how she used to dream of constructing buildings and cities, so people could live together happily.

Our classrooms actually appear to many as homes for the children, the understanding of today’s professional early childhood care and education has moved towards providing the atmosphere that keeps each child well nurtured and feeling safe and secure.  Indoor plants, homestyle furniture, mirrors and ‘real life’ role play areas.  Bamboo and willow elements, suspended from the ceilings create the 3D and cosy den-like, comfortable spaces for the children.

Transparency is vital to the Nursery philosophy and the low partition walls and no ‘closed classrooms’ is essential to ethical and respectful early childhood care and education.  At all times all staff and others are accountable for their every action and the Nursery has a zero tolerance for anything less than the best.  Ms Bernadette has many times over the years acted upon her standing that – ‘when in doubt out’ – she will never compromise the safety, security and best wellbeing for the Nursery children entrusted in our care.

How do parents register their children?

Parents register by visiting the Nursery with their child, so we can meet each other and show around the facility with explanations of the reasons why and how we manage our Nursery days.  This is the time when we deeply focus on our new parents to fully understand their child’s needs.

Starting ages for babies accepted at the Nursery are from 45 days and children can remain at the Nursery until their fifth birthday.

The Nurseries are open Sundays to Thursdays from 07:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. We understand families have different needs regarding their children’s Nursery attendance. Therefore, our hours and days are flexible and convenient to suit your lifestyle.  Your children can start their day at whichever time suits you and our convenient finishing times are 2:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Nursery days are also designed to suit and support your family lifestyle; we provide for you the choice of Nursery Registrations for three and five days.

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