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October 12, 2017

The art of cleansing has progressed immensely over several thousand years from simply scraping the skin to an exercise in relaxation and improvement in the skin’s health and appearance in the present day.

Why we need cleansers?

Many of the environmental impurities and cosmetic products are not water soluble and so washing the skin with simple water would not be sufficient to remove them. Substances capable of emulsifying them into finer particles are to be used for making these fat soluble impurities water soluble. Herein, cleansers fit into the picture. Skin cleansers are surface—active substances (i.e. emulsifiers/detergents/surfactants/soaps) that lower the surface tension on the skin and remove dirt, sebum, oil from cosmetic products, microorganisms, and exfoliated coronium cells in an emulsified form. An ideal cleanser should do all these without damaging or irritating the skin, on the contrary it should try to keep the skin surface moist

GLOV HYDRO DEMAQUILLAGE is the safest, most effective & best makeup remover & skin cleanser as it has:

No Cotton…No Chemicals…No Residues

Made with microtechnology, GLOV fibres are 30 times thinner than a cotton pad and 100 times thinner than a human hair. Their electrostatic abilities absorb all make-up like magnet till you wash the GLOV.

GLOV fibres are antibacterial in their nature so they are always safe for you during the 3 months usage.


  • It removes entire make-up using only water
  • Reusable – up to 3 months
  • Hypoallergenic, for the most sensitive skin
  • Convenient way of removing make-up at home or during travelling
  • Can be used for wiping off face masks

Available at Debenhams

For more details contact what’s app no. 0506585080

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