Interview with Ms Bernadette Founding partner of Beautiful Minds nurseries.

March 5, 2018

Ms Bernadette is the founding partner of Beautiful Minds Nurseries – Yellow Brick Road Nursery, Crystal Valley Nursery, Indigo Valley Nursery and Emerald City Nursery (which was closed on 14th December 2017) continues to oversee all day to day Nursery operations.

NZ Registered General and Obstetrics Nurse specialised in Paediatric Oncology.

Ms Bernadette’s philosophy has a unique holistic approach to education and caring for young children. Her Nursery staff are dedicated to creating a genuine love for learning within each child.

Ms Bernadette King-Turner

“I am intrinsically aware of the personal responsibility of caring for and influencing each child entrusted to our care.  I acknowledge that every second of the children’s early years’ care and education is the most valuable and important time of the children’s lives. My commitment to my families is to ensure that each Nursery baby and child receives the utmost respect, love and care that is possible to give. It is our professional responsibility to

be sure that the children receive love and dedication that will influence their later adult lives in the most positive ways.

It is also our professional responsibility to share our knowledge of early childhood accountability and education with the children’s families; so they too can fully understand the importance of early years’ education. ”

What inspired you to open nurseries?

My love for children has existed all my life and opening my first children’s nursery was bringing into reality a beautiful dream that I had back in the mid 80’s.

The other three Nurseries just happened over time, I did not seek them out, I did not intend to have four nurseries, it was just circumstances of the properties being available and offered to me for opening a Nursery..   Each Beautiful Minds Nursery is amazing and yet still complements and follows our principals, visions and mission of Beautiful Mins Nurseries.

What can our readers do if they want to find out more?

Call any of the Nurseries to book in a tour or check out our websites for detailed information about the three nurseries.  We also have a public Facebook and Instagram pages for each of the Nurseries, see the links for these below.








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