Maria Iqbal (Fashion for customised couture)

March 13, 2017

Things That Tell A Story:

C U S T O M I S E D  C O U T U R E

 by Maria Iqbal

MARCH 2017

What’s better than owning a designer handbag, a beautiful piece of furniture or a gorgeous garment? Simple – a piece that’s been completely customised to make it totally unique – a ‘one-off’ to treasure for life. Pop Artist Maria Iqbal loves to ‘make things that tell a story’, working with any surface or object to make it totally personal and very special. Her ever-popular clutches will always have a special place in our hearts and wardrobes, but please keep some space aside for her customised couture!

Maria meticulously personalises hand-painted jackets, shoes, dresses, bags and furniture, plus anything else you would like to reflect your personality. Maria will customise your luxury belongings and transform special into unique.

Customisation gives a favourite leather jacket that extra edge on attitude, turns a dress into a work of art, means those Manolos will turn even more heads.  You can personalise a bag with pictures of your beloved children, or how about a portrait of yourself as Wonder Woman on your favourite clutch; the perfect pick-me-up when heading out after a long day. Customisation has few limits and it will turn your favourite, and your luxury, items into priceless ones.

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 About Maria Iqbal:

Maria Iqbal is an Afghan-American artist based in the UAE. The world is her canvas; She creates and transforms everything from chairs to handbags, walls and clothes. Her designs spell out a new language of high-end art pieces that span traditional shapes and forms and cannot be neatly labelled or contained. Materials are only limited by the imagination and include locally sourced leather, custom printed textiles, canvas, plastic, wood, paints, and even the humble pencil. Born in Kabul and raised in Dubai by her traditional Afghan family, Maria grew up with Bollywood movies, Japanese manga, larger-than-life icons, and inspirations gleamed from the melting pot of cultures that bring her adopted city to life.


She received a Bachelor’s degree from The College of William and Mary and a graduate degree in Art Direction from Miami Ad School before going on to a high-powered career as an art director at prominent advertising agencies in Chicago & a year in Mumbai. Maria’s heart remained attached to art, and after her inspirational stint in India, she moved back home to Dubai in 2011 and founded Maria Iqbal Art. Maria’s designs have become recognized in the region’s design and fashion circles and highlighted in numerous publications including VOGUE (India). She was also nominated for the 2014 Emirates Woman of the Year award for her unique contribution to the region’s arts and culture scene. Maria’s work can be discovered in various fashion and lifestyle boutiques, art galleries, and specialty design spaces. Occasionally she conducts pop-up workshops and events, on site installations for well-known brands, or engages in collaborations with fashion houses, design showrooms, and galleries.



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