Meet Mosika Abu Zeid

June 11, 2018

Mosika is a  Palestinian /Australian, mum of two and an ex PWC lawyer, she is the creative center and founder of the casual, modest brand  Desert Cove which was launched in 2016.

She is both lovely and smart, and when we meet I am bowled over by her personality, her kindness and her passion for her brand.

How and why did you start Desert Cove?

Since beginning to wear the hijab 3 years ago I struggled to find everyday casual clothing that was suitable and comfortable for my style, especially when I was pregnant! Many things came together on my journey to develop Desert cove, but I was inspired to create the label after I noticed a gap in the market and also was exposed to the industry having consulted  for Namshi on production contracts. I then started by importing maternity clothes from Turkey.

What are the key elements of modest fashion?

It should be on trend, and give women an option to not have too many layers, therefore I prefer to use opaque fabrics, the correct higher neckline and length allow for the right look, and make it easier to wear. Overall it shouldn’t have to be a compromise on your style, or your modesty.

What are the main elements of your collection?

My clothing is designed to not hinder a women’s productivity, activities or style, and by making the designs in the right lengths and cuts they should  allow her to live her life in style and comfort. Fabrics are key, I choose the right fabrics to be cooler to wear when in the hotter months. I test all the fabrics myself, by putting them through multiple wash cycles.

Talk to me about your design process?

I research global trends, and I work with a designer in the UK,  she develops pieces under my creative direction and I advise her to  nsure its “hijab friendly”. We manufacture in Turkey, and I spend a lot of time back and forth on the sampling to production process to ensure the garments are perfect.

Can anyone design or wear modest fashion?

Yes of course, it’s a lifestyle, its not just about religion, its about wearable items for every woman.

What are your key pieces?

My longline Ts with slogan or prints, my open Abayas and my Kimonos.

Where do you sell?

I sell from my own e-commerce shop, www.desertcovefashion.com , e-labels and others , apart from the UAE I  ship worldwide to consumers in Bahrain, to Canada, North America, South Africa, Australia and Europe.

What is your price strategy?

I have a price promise to make sure all my pieces are less than $50, I want my label to be for every one, and it is quality, but affordable.

What are your dreams for the brand?

It is my dream to see Desert Cove becoming an equivalent “high street” retail-type brand, providing modest alternatives of on trend fashion, so that  all women can have access to wearable, quality and affordable fashion. In the process showing from my story that having having kids and a family is not a barrier to building your dream business or career, but rather that we should use it as our strength in that it gives us the best driving force to meet our goals.

Check mosika page @desertcovefashion


MMagazine Team

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