Mona Tavassoli founder and CEO of Mompreneurs Middle East

May 3, 2018

-Tell us a bit about yourself 

My name is Mona Tavassoli and I am the founder and CEO of Mompreneurs Middle East and the proud mom of two adorable boys. I came to Dubai in 1999 to go to university here from Iran, I got my BSc in Computer Science from University of Wollongong in Dubai, and I continued with my first Masters degree there in Master of International Business. I slowly found my way into the Advertising world, working with a small local firm at first then moving on to Ogilvy and ultimately to Publics where I worked on brands such as Nestle before going off to France to get my second Masters degree in Strategic Tourism Management.

Meanwhile I got married and we went to France with my husband and we started our first company there. It was a consultancy targeting companies who wanted to work between France and Dubai.

We came back to Dubai a few years later and we started our second company together, an Ad agency (since both of us had Ad agency backgrounds, it felt natural). We created Mom Souq as a “side project” under the agency and I had no idea that it would become a full time job on it’s own! A year later, Mompreneurs Middle East was born to support mom entrepreneurs in the region.

It has been quite an interesting journey, and we have come to the point where we want to help entrepreneurs make better-informed choices and avoid the mistakes we made.

In short, I am a mother of two, an entrepreneur, a vegan, the CEO and founder of Mompreneurs Middle East, and an advocate for Women’s empowerment in the region through education and entrepreneurship.

-Some say Motherhood and Successful Careers don’t meet! What is your say on this?

I always say “You can Have it all… but you can’t Do it all”. In my opinion, motherhood and a career can work together at the same time – but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Understand your own situation and own it. Know what you can do, and what you can’t do – commit to what you can do, and don’t feel guilty about the rest.

People have different reasons for working. Ensure that no matter what you do, you always do your best to grow in your position. We are constantly creating a better version of ourselves and it’s important to ensure that our work is a part of our growth journey and it doesn’t drain our energy.

You need support – no one can do this alone and by themselves, you need to have that group that you can depend on to help you get things done. You need to Eliminate, Automate and Delegate as much as possible in order to run a successful business and family.

So the short answer is that yes it is possible with the right mindset and skills.

-From where do you get your inspiration to continue developing to reach to your goals?

The “Why” behind everything that I do is that I believe that Empowered Mothers Raise Empowered Leaders, and that’s something our world really needs, now more than ever.

My main inspiration comes from my kids. I am an advocate of Women’s Empowerment to make the world a better place for my two sons and the next generation.

The decision you are most proud of?

I’m proud of owning my decisions in life, and that for me is to continue working and prioritizing my wellbeing when I started my family. Everyone’s journey is different and the most important decision is to own our choices and not compare our decision with others. There is no right or wrong answer to this journey of motherhood and our kids need happy and confident parents. It’s our responsibility to give them the best version of us, and people’s path is different in achieving that best version every single day.

What is your greatest accomplishment personally and professionally?

My biggest accomplishment in life is realizing that I can actually feel fulfilled in my career, my family and my life and being able to share that with the women around me. I realized that the feeling of “Having it All” is a journey and not a destination. It is an honor for me to be able to bring to other mothers the same peace, sense of fulfillment that I have learned to create within myself.

I am also very proud of making the decision to become Vegan last year. It has helped me to feel more energetic physically and more connected spiritually.

Describe your motherhood style in three words?

Caring, Empowering, Understanding.

What is next for you?

We are very excited about our annual full day event, Mompreneur Forum on May 8th. We are also targeting new markets through our digital course and online membership.

I also have a 6 month coaching program to support women to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Some videos featuring Mona

Infiniti TVC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUyS6QWg4wg&feature=youtu.be




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