Sam Baxter Personal Trainer

January 27, 2018

Who is your most inspirational person in your life, who inspired you to start your journey for fitness?

I could say my parents were the inspiration and kick start to my active career as an international dancer. I started dancing ballet at the age of 3, but my father was an instructor of taekwondo and he readily inspired me in that direction. That was the second step of my journey at the age of 7.

I started using the gym at the age of 14 and instantly felt this was a place for me to connect with myself and be creative with different styles of training. Most importantly it was the passion and determination of a close friend of mine to be on the front cover of Men’s health magazine. Keeping track of his journey really inspired me towards my own goals of being a fitness role model and helping people be proactive.

What’s the most popular routine or class you do for ladies that just had a baby, and what do you recommend as the best exercise for moms who recently gave birth?

A workout I recommend to pre and post-natal women would be a Barre workout, which is a standing stability workout safe to do throughout pregnancy. The workout offers a cardio component by working on strength and flexibility with less pressure on joints. It also helps tighten the abdomen post-pregnancy, strengthen the core muscle group, and align the posture. Swimming is also a good alternative during the later stages of pregnancy, but of course I strongly advise women to consult their doctors before setting their pre and post-natal routine.

What is unique about Dubai and fitness and what makes your clients strive harder to look good in Dubai?

Dubai is ideal in that it’s designed in a way to encourage people to exercise and always be on the move. Gyms and pools are widely accessible in most of the buildings, moreover public fitness areas that include running tracks and sport courts are available. Several challenges happen throughout the year as well such as Dubai Marathon, DXB Fitness Challenge etc… It’s worth mentioning the amazing sunrise/sunset views that complement having a perfect Yoga session.

I usually advise my clients to have a balance between their work and personal life, and to always invest time in their health. I believe working out can directly affect someone’s mood and nourish their mind to consequently perform better in everything they do.

How many times do you workout per week?

I workout on a daily basis and sometimes exercise along with my clients which keeps it an entertaining session instead of just being a task. This also helps keep my advanced clients motivated as I train alongside them.

Do you believe that there is one diet that is good, and which one is it?

The best diet would be to eat clean balanced small portioned meals, 3 times a day with healthy snacks in between. I believe every body reacts to food differently, hence running a dietitian test can help identify the right food intake for your particular body.

What is your favorite restaurant in Dubai and why?

I don’t really have a favorite restaurant in Dubai as I’ve had many good experiences in different restaurants over the years, but I have to admit that the food at “Baker and Spice” has to be one of my favorites. I genuinely enjoy their organic luscious salads, detox smoothies, freshly made deserts and not to forget the calming marina view.

If you could only exercise once a week for 1 hour, what would be the class you would do and what exercise should we be doing?

If I had to choose one class for myself it would be Body Combat. It has a Martial Arts component which really tones upper, lower body and core. It really suited my body and helped me burn fats around the abdominal area by properly performing abdominal twists.

I believe that there are several body-types that require different modes of exercise, but a little advice that never goes wrong is to avoid the elevator as much as you can and climb stairs either in your apartment block or at work. Go up and down a few times, just to bring that heart rate up!

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