The First Day of school…. We all have been waiting for this day YAHOOOO!!

September 18, 2017

The First Day of school – How to prepare your child for school in a few simple steps…

The first day of school is undoubtedly a key rite of passage for both the parents and the child in question; one of those parenting moments which is a heady emotional mix of pride and excitement and yet tinged with sadness as it is s real indicator that your toddler is really growing up.

The positives to embrace are that of course this is the start of a new adventure, meeting new friends, learning in a new environment, and developing independence.

As the big “first day” comes near here are some tips :

-Have play-dates in the holidays with other children from the school or class.

-Make trips past the school and point it out to them.

-Mention the teachers by name and talk about them a lot.

-Try on the uniform – always exciting (and then label everything!).

-Encourage independence – dress themselves, hand washing, tidying toys away etc.

-Common concerns for parents and their children before starting school often centre on toilet trips, as well as how much food will they eat!

Let them know they can use the toilet as much as they need to. Also, if they don’t seem to eat much at school ensure you have some delicious snacks for home time!

Experience shows that the most successful pupils :

-Have the least ‘screen time’.

-Experience play at home.

-Are encouraged always to think for themselves.

-Have the most sleep.

-Have genuine free time.

Remember to be positive and enthusiastic about it in all ways, so they feel confident in their new experience.

MMagazine Team


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