TOP TIPS for travelling with kids from an Ex-cabin crew mummy with a passion for travel.

April 16, 2018

Noussa Nour   @

My son is only 3 years old however he has already visited more than 10 countries across the world.

Our trips consisted a lot of laughs and some lessons learned but here some tips from our experience for you to use while you are traveling with your baby:

-If you are traveling with something that you definitely need on your arrival such as diapers, medication, snacks pack it in your carry-on.

-Stick with what your kids are used to! I learned the lesson with the hard way that my son has a certain type of cup that he drinks out of at home I bought him a new one during the trip and he almost refused to drink from it.

– Always pack extra clothes for your kids because they will go through clothes quickly on vacation.

– Keep your kid occupied during your vacation by packing his favourite toys, books , coloring book…

– Take a stroller if you can however it depends with the destination we couldn’t really use it on Mykonos island, so you can also use a baby or a toddler carrier which will help you navigate in such places or on busy streets and attractions.

– Always carry snacks!

– Pack your medicine cabinet (anything you would possibly need for health issues that could arise)

– If you are traveling to very humid place make sure you seal up anything that you open (pack extra sandwich bags to seal anything you need)

My son loves the attention he receives where ever we go and at the end of every trip, no one wanted to get back on the plane to fly home .

Enjoy every moment of your vacation mummies and just HAVE FUN. Laughter really does go a long way!

-The End-



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