We Don’t Spin. We Ryde.

February 20, 2019

 ** Surge Body Fitness is offering you a full body workout **

Have you ever heard a child ask to put the stabilizers back on their bike? We haven’t either and RealRyder have taken the training wheels off the indoor bike too; allowing you to join the legions of riders at Surge Body Fitness who adamantly state that they’ll never ride a conventional stationary bike again.

The RealRyder indoor cycling bike is like no other, the unique patented articulating frame technology lets the rider – any rider, engage their body and mind in a one-of-a-kind tactile, dynamic and functional riding experience. This ride encourages, teaches and rewards good form and proper pedal stroke, while riders experience the actions and benefits of leaning, turning, balancing and full-body coordination. The RealRyder bike captures some of the functional characteristics of “real road riding” and all of the fun.

Surge Body Fitness know their members love to Ryde as they offer a Surge & Sweat class for a 45-minute intense ryde, but due to popular demand they now offer a great combination workout. Following the 30-minute intense ryde they add on:

  • Surge & Core which also gives you a 15-minute core burn on the mats
  • Surge & Shape for a full body toning session using dumbbells (off and on the bike) and some resistance toning bands off the bike
  • And they also offer Surge, Punch & Crunch for a 20-minute boxing round (yes, following your intense ryde) using gloves and pads


Whether you’re a morning Ryder or prefer to Ryde to bed, Surge Body Fitness have the classes that befit your busy lifestyles with their updated class timetable that includes the new additional timings, such as the popular 9am class. The energizing space is a balance of both mindfulness and purpose and each class is taught by their incredible team of professionals with true encouragement and inspiration.

With vast changing facilities, generously stocked with luxury grooming and skincare essentials and easy online payments through the Mindbody booking app, Surge Body Fitness classes can easily fit into your everyday routine.

Sign up today and get your first session free. To find out more visit or follow on Instagram at @surgebody to keep up-to-date with the latest news.


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