Don’t give your nails a break – send them to rehab!

September 24, 2018

Gel manicures, acrylic extensions, constant colour changes to suit your mood – be honest, your
nails go through a lot, don’t they?

Did you know that to ensure nails can take this constant barrage, they need careful and regular TLC otherwise they
can grow brittle and become susceptible to breakages and splitting, making it difficult to achieve a healthy and longlasting manicure/pedicure. Thankfully we have a treatment that promises to restore your nails to optimum health.

Enter Nail Rehab.

Brought to you from the experts at Alessandro International, Europe’s most acclaimed nail brand, this treatment is
designed to give your nails respite from their usual routine and keep them stronger, healthier and looking as
beautiful as possible.
Taking 75minutes, this treatment comprises cut, file, cuticle work, scrub, hot towel, massage and the
application of a nail builder or strengthener, depending on your nails’ needs.

Try it once and you will be converted. After all, whose nails couldn’t benefit from a little downtime?


Individual treatment
Nail rehab manicure – AED155
Nail rehab pedicure – AED180
Package of 4 treatments*
Nail rehab manicure – AED540
Nail rehab pedicure – AED 620
*The 4 treatments to be completed within 40 days for best results

For further information about the Nail Rehab treatment, ask any of our staff or check out our
Facebook page:

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