Meraas launches Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International at Valiant Clinic, City Walk Dubai

February 14, 2019
  • Exclusive partnership marks Dubai debut for Beverly Hills star cosmetic surgeon
  • David Matlock and Dr. Andrew Ordon, celebrity doctors to Hollywood’s elite to lead a team of over 25 visiting plastic surgery experts

Meraas has announced the official opening of Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International (BHSSCI), to bring to the UAE some of the world’s most celebrated names in comprehensive plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Located at Valiant Clinic, Meraas’ premium multi-specialty clinic in City Walk, BHSSCI aims to welcome sophisticated and trend-focused individuals in the region and beyond. It brings to the region a hand-picked team of the Center’s 25+ elite and passionate physicians.

The Dubai facility will be led by Dr. David Matlock, MD, MBA, President, CEO & Chief Medical Officer at BHSSCI, California, and Head of Panel, Dubai, alongside high-profile surgeons including Dr. Andrew Ordon, a long-time co-host of the popular Emmy Award-winning talk show The Doctors; Dr. Raj Kanodia, Beverly Hills #1 rhinoplasty surgeon; Dr. Warren Lent, whose expertise has been broadcast on shows such as Dateline, Good Day LA and Extra, and many more.

A first-of-its-kind premium plastic surgery facility managed by celebrity doctors, BHSSCI aims to bring the highest quality services to the region’s most discerning modern clientele. The Center will leverage Valiant Clinic’s superior infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities in addition to its unmatched concierge services to guarantee a bespoke VIP experience for every client.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Dr Matlock and Dr Ordon recently and have a one on one interview.

Welcome to Dubai!

Dr Ordon: “Thank you, we love it here, the hospitality has been wonderful! “

Tell us why you are here?

Dr Ordon: “Dr Matlock envisioned this project and he began working in the UAE 10 years ago, and when he got the opportunity to open up Beverley Hills Sunset Surgery Centre International (BHSSCI) at Valiant Clinic he contacted me to join him!” “What we have created here is the best facility we have ever seen, they haven’t spared any expense, this clinic is second to none and we call this clinic the 8th wonder of the world!”

Dr Matlock: “The patients of the Middle East had been wanting to have the Beverly Hills experience, the doctors, the procedures and the quality on their doorstep”.

How is the Dubai woman different to the LA woman when it comes to cosmetic surgery?

Dr Ordon: “Women are women and they want the same things the world over! They all want to look and feel their best. Culturally some looks and some procedures are more popular depending on location however in general women just want to look the best they can look for their age in a natural way.

How do you tackle the issue of this regions women, who really want to make cosmetic changes but are conflicted due to their culture?

The women here are as cosmopolitan as anywhere, and when we meet any patient we always enquire why they are interested in Surgery. If we uncover that it is someone else asking them to make changes to themselves then we talk to them about their best options and we tell them to wait, it’s elective surgery and people shouldn’t rush into it. We ensure all of our patients are psychologically prepared for the changes they wish to make. “

CNN reported in 2015 that Dubai was the world’s plastic surgery hub? Do you agree with that statement? And please tell us what you think makes it such a good opportunity for you?

Dr Ordon: “Dubai is an exciting place, with a wonderful mix of different cultures, it has an interesting flair and it has long been our dream to open here and offer our world class service to this region.”

Are there any differences in how you can practice and what you can use here compared to US.

Dr Ordon “Medicine in general is the same, but some of the analgesia for home care, and pain relief can be different in this region. However, we as a hospital can offer the best in patient pain relief to ensure the upmost comfort.

The single most important thing is safety and patient care, followed by the aim to offer the finest procedures, the best anesthetic and monitoring, and the highest levels of care, throughout their entire experience.”

How can you ensure that your patients receive the same standard of treatment here as they would in your US clinics?

Dr Matlock “By following every procedure, using the best products and ensuring care is unsurpassed throughout the entire treatment. We are the bar, so we know how to deliver the best care and treatment standards wherever we practice. We offer unparalleled quality, state-of-the-art technology and a world-class facility in the region. We will also be available for visiting patients from other countries, and  ensure the best after care, recovery and extended recovery using a great hotel for them to stay in with private nursing – ensuring the utmost in patient modesty, and our staff will manage all of this for our clients.”

You are both world-renowned extremely successful doctors with your own specialists, what will be your own key focus in terms of the work you will do in Dubai?

Dr Matlock “Between our own two specialist areas, and the dedicated members of our team we offer every type of cosmetic procedure in line with  our Beverly Hills clinic.  The services offered fall under three main verticals: plastic surgery procedures including liposuction, tummy tucks, fat grafting, implant removal and replacement; cosmetic dentistry services such as Hollywood smile, composite restorations, zirconia and ceramic implants, bridges and crowns; and specialized cosmetic dermatology treatments for acne, cool sculpting, micro needling, scar correction and dermal fillers, amongst others. “

What advice can you give to our readers who want to retain their youthful looks?

Dr Ordon “People as a rule are striving to be fitter and healthier, and when people begin to take care of their skin earlier in life, the benefits pay off. Use sun cream, eat well, hydrate and ensure to use skincare products which have good active ingredients, such as retinol.”

We Feel that the taboo surrounding cosmetic procedure is shifting, what are you doing to further encourage that social change?

Dr. Matlock  “Plastic Surgical procedures such as general plastic, head and neck facial plastic, cosmetic gynecology, dermatology, and cosmetic dentistry are highly popular among aesthetes in pursuit of physical perfection. Undergoing cosmetic surgery is not something patients are ashamed of anymore; it has become a sign of beauty, power, success, health and youth. Societies too have become more comfortable with plastic surgery as they view it to be  a part of self-improvement.”

Talk to us about “Mommy Makeover” surgeries.

Dr Matlock “These are becoming more and more popular, and women are opting for these as one whole operation. We offer women surgeries such as breast lift and body contouring (Lipo) and also case by case surgeries case for women  undergoing  issues  affecting their bladder and other areas post birth. We also leave room for consultations should there be post-surgery relapses and issues for our patients.

How soon post birth can they have the surgery?

Dr Matlock “Women who have had natural delivery can come at 6 weeks post birth while,  women who have had Cesarean section delivery at 3 months post birth.”

How is the industry changing?

Dr Ordon “Non-invasive procedures are the most popular in terms of numbers of procedures, but also we see that people are getting treatments done earlier now. We offer a short facelift which is very popular for younger aged patients. A lot can be done now with people’s own fat, and this is something that can really be beneficial for certain surgeries.

Platelet-Rich Plasma facial injection (PRP) is the new buzz in LA, it is safe, effective, and doesn’t use anything foreign It can be used at any age and will enhance the look of the patient.

The trend now is starting to change with more women aspiring for a look that is more natural, for example the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle’s nose, which has a cute bump, is very popular. We ensure the best possible results, so for us, word of mouth and happy patients are the best advert to demonstrate our care for our patients.”

What are your ultimate goals for each patient?

Both – “For them all to be happy and satisfied. We always work on a “patient first” strategy.”

The Clinic is now open. The Celebrity Doctors will be visiting Dubai throughout the year.

-The End-

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