Is your beautiful home child friendly?

June 23, 2018

Life changes with a bang!  …. You’ve just turned from a couple into a family. There are many a zone in your day to today living, where you are making adjustments to welcome the new addition. From getting a car that fits a car seat, to putting up a baby bassinet in your bedroom, to calling it an early night rather than watching that movie that you had so been looking forward to enjoying, and the list goes on and on….

In the end, it is about adjusting and yes if I may say so bluntly, sacrificing. But how much of this “giving in” is necessary?  Children are a great blessing in our lives and they absolutely bring immense joy and pleasure to it. However, these precious little ones sure do come with a baggage 🙂 A baggage that we can either choose as somewhat an inconvenience, by altering multiple things around us, which in result can prove to make some of us unhappy. Or one can work around it by not compromising on certain things, such as our existing space, (including retaining that beautifully done up formal living room) and still make it a positive and conducive environment for our children to grow in. You don’t need to make drastic changes in your beautiful homes to raise your children. Get your children to learn and develop in your existing environment.

It has been proven that art, colour and beautiful spaces actually stimulate the senses of the children. Our children are what we teach them. It is us who shape their behaviours and reactions. They are very intelligent and super receptive beings. Provide them with a home where they see design aesthetic and colours and patterns. Provide them with interior spaces, which give them a reason to get stimulated and develop in them, a creative mind.

I, for one am a parent who made little to no changes in my home spaces when I had children. Being an interior stylist and an art enthusiast, I’ve always been fond of creating beautiful spaces at home. My children have been raised in a home with authentic art and spaces designed with aesthetics in mind. And they have adjusted and flourished in this very environment.  Yes, they were initially a few minor accidents with a juice spilled on my favourite rug and an odd decorative item being broken but that is all part and parcel of the learning process. Trust me, in the end it is all well worth it!

This kind of parenting actually has a dual advantage to it. Not only do you and yours enjoy living in a beautiful home but now you don’t dread a trip to your aunt’s place who is an antique collector, nor do you need to take a rain check when your girlfriends are planning to meet up for breakfast at that fancy little cafe that serves you coffee in some fine bone china.  When your children learn to adjust and behave at home, they will do the same when they visit other people’s homes and restaurants. No more chucking your favourite piece of furniture and art out into your storage till your little ones turn into teens, let them enjoy growing and thriving in a beautiful and creative environment at home!

by: Asma Omer

Interior and outdoor stylist . Authentic art consultant and sourcing . Mother of two beautiful girls. Living in Dubai for almost 12 years.


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